Named after our old family house in Granite County, Quebec, St. Leon is our endeavour to support the maple sugaring traditions of our ancestors and our rebellion against the commoditization of the maple syrup industry.  Unlike most commercially available maple syrup, ours is never blended and is harvested and boiled entirely from the pristine Quebec Appalachian forest.  St. Leon is our salute to our family and our countrymen, the stewards of the mountains and the chamberlains of the woods.


We are Amélie Guay and James Graham-Simpkins.  We are partners in life, love and the pursuit of pure maple everything.  When we first met, we dreamt of inhabiting the European countryside and making wine.  However, on a snowy night in the mountains, after a little bit of reflection and a lot of wine, we decided to stay true to our cultural roots and turn our oenophilic sensibilities towards the purveyance of one of Quebec’s most prized provisions: maple syrup.

Our Story

Inspired by the Burgundian winemaking tradition of climate selection, we sought out the best maple syrup producers the province had to offer.  In 2013, we travelled to a tiny border town in an outlying pocket of Quebec’s Eastern Townships.  It was here that we came together with Amélie’s distant cousins and veteran sugar-makers.  Their support, guidance and generous supply of cold beer allowed us to bring St. Leon to life.


Unlike any other worldly sweetener, pure maple syrup is completely natural, has no additives or preservatives, is rich in minerals and has an antioxidant value that rivals raw broccoli and bananas.  What’s more is that it can make other healthy foods taste great.   Maple syrup completes the Greek yogourt and berry trifecta and can transform kale juice from a chore to a treat.  However, the best part remains that you can say that you ate something good for you after devouring a tall stack of pancakes with bacon and ham.


Responsible production methods are crucial to preserving the well-being of a maple stand as well as the final quality of maple products.  In order to maintain a balanced natural ecosystem and to offer the purest maple syrup possible, we only work with a supply where forestry techniques adhere stringently to organic standards.  No fertilizers, germicides or pesticides are used and no animal products, soy, peanut, sesame or nut oils are employed. Pure maple syrup is one of the healthiest unadulterated sources of sugar and one of the most natural foods on earth.  We intend on keeping it that way.


Cuvée des Appalaches is hommage to the range whose slopes are home to the trees that lovingly provide us with sap year after year. A true embodiment of the Quebec mountain climate, this cuvée is robust, wildly aromatic and boldly colored. It is best suited to the richer things in life such as smoked ham, fried chicken and in or on any confection from the pastry kitchen. As well, it works wonderfully as an alternative beverage sweetener, from your morning latte to your five o'clock old fashioned. 100% Pure Quebec organic maple syrup. Available in 200 ml, 375 ml and 750 ml formats.


Support our loyal vendors and check them out.

Boucherie Lawrence


5237 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC

Le Petit Dep

179 St. Paul W, Montreal, QC

Myriade Café & Thé


Club Monaco, 1000 Ste. Catherine O., Montreal, QC

Le Petit Dep

461 St-Sulpice, Montreal, QC

Lucille's Weekend Grocery

5669 Monkland, Montreal, QC

McKiernan Luncheonette


5524 St-Patrick, Montreal, QC

Myriade Espresso Bar


4627 St-Denis, Montreal, QC

Crew Collective & Café


360 St-Jacques, Montreal, QC

Hof Kelsten


4524 Boul. St-Laurent, Montreal, QC

Le Cartet

106 McGill, Montreal, QC

Marché Brunette


Montreal, QC



Laval, Brossard, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver

Mère-Grand Café

800 Berri, Montreal, QC

Le Petit Dep Carrefour Laval

Laval, QC

BIOBAB Mini Marché


1589 Avenue Van Horn, Montréal, QC

Le Bièrologue


4301 Ontario Est, Montréal, QC

Meta4 Foods


903B 48th Avenue SE, Calgary, AB

Scheffler's Deli


93 Front St E, Toronto, ON

Lady York Foods


2939 Dufferin St, North York, ON

The Olive Pit

877 Queen St W, Toronto, ON



1097 Yonge St, Toronto, ON



1378 Queen St E, Toronto, ON



1617 Dupont, Toronto, ON

Our Daily Brett


2509 14 St. SW, Calgary, AB

Peasant Cheese Shop


1249 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB

The Beltliner


239 12 Ave. SW, Calgary, AB

Clayburn Village Store


34810 Clayburn Rd, Abbotsford, BC


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Amélie Guay & James Graham-Simpkins

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